Basic Server Help

Before we start these are some basic things u need to know about HL in general 

The above line would bind the x key on your keyboard to make you move backwards you can change the key to anything you can even use the misc keys on your keyboard such as F1-F12 keys good if you are running out of keys, also it is a good idea to use the " " on your cmd's this will ensure the bind doesn't get cut off when using multiple or longer binds such at  "say wazza"

the above bind will bind 3 cmd's to a single key this is useful to save keys, and simply things, but be careful not to bind cmd's u don't want to happen at the same time, when u press the x key it will do all 3 cmd's back to back, this example is good because the cmd's above only pertain to a single class if your a demo it'll set your det pack to 20 seconds and the following 2 cmd's will have no use because u are not the proper class to use those cmd's. if u were a spy then the feign would make u feign and the first to cmd's wouldn't work and so on

you can also use multiple say cmd's I like this because it will ask the server what's the nextmap and how much time is left on a single key. but use with caution I don't wana see u in there spamming text 50 lines at a time, u will be reprimanded.


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