_special2 = Build a MultiGun (see "ntf_help_mg" for details).
detspecial = Destroy your MultiGun. If you have multiple MGs, the one
you have targeted (pointing at) will be destroyed.

buildspecial2 = Build a Bounce Pad or dismantle an existing one
(if you are in range). Use your JUMP and FORWARD keys to get
a forward boost or use your USE key for a small vertical boost.
detspecial2 = Destroy your bouncepad
NOTE: A Bounce Pad consumes armor everytime it's used
NOTE: Heavy armored classes (HWGuy/Pyro/Soldier) may NOT use the Pad

Dispensers can be upgraded to health-giving dispensers by Medics
Multiguns can be upgraded by almost all classes - see "ntf_help_mg"
Force an MG upgrade with the "touchmg <class>" command
where <class> is the playerclass of a teammate.
Touch a friendly Soldier's inert S.A.M. launcher to activate it's Turret
Can dismantle Enemy inert SAM launchers and MultiGuns's.