_special2 or buildspecial = Build an anti-grenade shield pod.
(destroys enemy special grenades, and heals or cures teammates)
The pod will auto-detonate after 2 minutes.
detspecial = detonate your existing anti-grenade pod.

buildspecial2 or snark = Throw a snark! Snarks require armor.
detspecial2 = detonate your snark.

If you have a live snark, "+snarkcam" will give you a snarks-eye view of
the action.

marker, mortar, and detmarker = Mortar Marker commands. See "ntf_help_mortar"

Touch a friendly dispenser to upgrade it to a Flashgren and health-giving disp.
Touch an inert multigun to upgrade it to a Biocannon.

MedScanner: Hold out medikit and press fire button to detect infected teammates.
See "ntf_help_vars" for MedScanner player VARS.