HWGuy class builds a team mortar. This class cannot get any kills via the
mortar. Only teammates of certain classes can deploy Mortar Markers and
call mortar strikes.

Calling a Mortar strike works like this:
Deploy a Mortar marker (preferrably within Line Of Sight of a mortar)
using the "marker" command, then select a friendly mortar (they are color
coded by team) by pointing at it and having it in crosshairs, then use
"mortarmissile" command to launch missiles at marker.

Markers will sustain damage from the missiles, however, they now have almost
triple the health of most buildspecials, so they will take some direct hits
before they are destroyed.

Markers can be detonated with the "detmarker" command. If you already have
a Marker, using the build command again will automatically trigger the
"mortarmissile" command, which will launch a strike if you are pointing at a
team Mortar.
Mortars can now be USEd by teammates and allies.
See the "ntf_help.txt" file for complete details on Mortars.