_special2 = Build an Antimissile (AM) Launcher.
_special2 = Launch Laser-Guided Rockets
(must have already built an AM launcher)
(must have laser dot on)
(must be near a friendly AM laucher or LR-Multigun)

detspecial = Detonate your existing AM launcher(s)

buildspecial2 = Build Beam Ladder
detspecial2 = Detonate your existing Ladder

Get on your Ladder by touching it. Look up or down at a 45 degree
angle, and hit your USE key to move up and down. Jump or walk off of your
ladder to get off. You will receive shock damage while touching the ladder.

Your secondary grenade is a Flash grenade - it will blind nearby players.
You may restock flash grenades from friendly Medic-upgraded Dispensers
by pressing your USE key while standing next to it.

Touch an inert multigun to upgrade it to a Laser Rocket (LR) Launcher.