wow long time no updates I know but it for a reason now that my promotional period has ended I'll be switching the service so I can use php in it's entirety assuming I can figure it out



what a way to end the year we have new hosting for the web site that will finally let me do all the things I wanted to do but couldn't before be sure to keep in touch for the following days as update will come a plenty



well work is still progressing on web site enjoy the some what more usable web site




It appears that the cable company is offering a faster connection so if so I'll be upgrading it. if it goes good upload speeds will be 50% faster so less lag for all. Only down side is the server will more than likely get a new ip I'll post on on here and also on the steam group page.




Many thanks to for the Content hosting, so now you can all enjoy FAST DL's of custom maps and resources and less lag on the server enjoy and thanks again stfcc




Woot for I-frames progressing right along with this new program and CSS makes life easy also added server stats thingy on the right side hope u all like it. it will be used for player stats too for a while depends on how I like them




I think I got it all working now  but not exactly how I would like it to be but it's a start.